Friday, April 10, 2015


                   pin stripes button down shirt, Bugis Street | denim shorts, random seller online | tartan shoes, Topshop

Can't believe I abandoned this blog. I guess there are always going to be changes in our lives. One day you wake up telling yourself that you are going to start a fashion blog and to religiously blog every week. You wanted this for yourself. And the next, you have barely touched this site for almost a year. It's funny how humans think at times.

I found a small folder containing these pictures. It was titled "To Be Blogged" but it never made it out to the online world. I didn't want these photos to go to waste...hiding out in my folder stashed within other documents so I thought I would just leave them here.

I certainly would not continue this blog unless one day for real, I decide to try my luck again at blogging. One day when I have a clearer vision of what I want, and want to be. Someone with a bigger passion and a resolve stronger than anything else. Till then, farewell.

Belicia S.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Do You Mind?

Blazer, thrifted // Velvet skirt, thrifted // Spaghetti strapped cropped top, random store // Pleather suspenders, Bangkok Thailand // DKNY bag, gifted from sister // Shoes, Dr. Martens X Agyness Deyn 

I love thrift shopping to the extent that I will give up high fashion street brands. Okay, totally untrue. In any case, the few years that I have been thrift shopping have taught me the hidden gems in a small place like Singapore. As well as others overseas. Even though i bet in the U.S, it would be 1000 times better, at least the stuff I found here makes me appreciate our little red dot.

So this outfit incorporates mostly thrifted/cheap items that cost only SGD $14!!! Excluding shoes, bag and accessories that is. For a twist, I actually criss crossed my pleather suspenders into an "X" shape to imitate a body harness. (Well, just because I don't have one).

My blazer was an ultimate steal because I love its different and unique collar. It fits me right and has good quality for just $5. Story was, it was tagged $10 at the thrift store but I went to the counter and the woman told me it was $5. Needless to say, I gladly paid!!!! The velvet skirt is a simple one but for its interesting color and that it's only 2 bucks, I thought "why not"! 

Anyway, I'm hoping to change people's mind of not always being so brand conscious. Don't get me wrong because I love my H&M, Topshop, Zara and more. But sometimes, thrift shopping allows for an item nobody else have. Better still, talk about the cheap prices if you actually find good deals. It feels more like winning the lottery in a way. And I do mix up high fashion brands with thrifted items so it's all about the balance I guess. (And a part of me wants to create a thrift shopping club).

Lastly, I was contacted for a feature in AFS, They are a new Asian fashion street site, still trying to gain recognition. Thanks for having me! :)


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ain't It Fun?

     Sleeveless dress, thrifted from BKK // 3-quarter sleeves cropped top, BKK // Tapestry sling bag, thrifted from Pasir Ris flea 

That day, I went to the dinosaur exhibition @ MBS and it was pretty good. Dinosaur bones and fossils and what not. Cool, cool. 

This long dress was $2. How can I not encourage thrift shopping? I love its pattern and the functional buttons that go all the way down. Kinda looks like a granny's dress but somehow looks very UNIF too, which it's a good thing. 

The sling clutch/bag was $6 and I thought it was 6 bucks well spent. I love the combination of tapestry, lace and the burnt out velvet together. It gives me the homely feel of it, like if it's handmade which it just might be since the seller told me it was from overseas! Overall, it is a cute little bag to carry around and has successfully made into my vintage collections of bags.

LASTLY. Showing you guys my new Pandora charm my friends got me for my birthday. (It's a funny thing though.) It's supposedly a "sun" but it resembles more of a sunflower to me. And it's supposed to represent me since my surname's "Sun". Hahahaha, too cute.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Boyfriend's Day

Laced camisole, Topshop // "1994" bodycon skirt, H&M // Chunky knit cardigan, Zara // Laced socks, Topshop // Creepers wedge, New Look // Studded clutch, gifted from Sister

I'm going to start this of feeling guilty as ever. However in my defence, I'd been busy ever since the start of school as my assignments kept piling up that I couldn't even take a second to breathe. So now I'm here and hopefully, cross fingers, that I can keep up with daily updates!!! 

I saved up this "1994" for the most cheesy outfit ever for my boyfriend's 20th birthday this year. I paired it up with blacks again with little tints of gold. I like how the laced detailing give off the sensual and on-the-romantic side of things to wear. I thought it was perfect for this very special day! 

Also, this is the first post of my short hair! Say "bye" to my long hair as I'm totally enjoying having this length of hair since it's the first time in 18 years having such short hair. Do you think I should ever grow out my hair again? Hmm. 

Btw, Happy Birthday Baby. I love you <3


Saturday, March 22, 2014


Fur crop spaghetti top, Topshop inspired // Black pants, online blogshop // Chunky knit cardigan, Zara 

Hey, I'm back and I feel guilty for not posting as regularly as I should. Thing is, I had been wavering in my decision to carry on with this blog or not. And I kid you not that I'm THIS close to hitting the delete button. But I know things aren't easy and I need to be more determined so here I am, carrying on. 

I've worn this outfit to work and I thought it was one of formal yet dressy enough. I've started to take a liking to pants even though I used to feel that only grown up women wear them. I guess since I'm almost 18, I shouldn't be all about just skirts. If I'm gonna take this outfit up a notch, I would wear a black floppy hat with it! Or if just so I wanna look vampy/witchy. And definitely opt for a dark colored lipstick. But I'm good with this neutral-ish look with all these black mixed into it. What do you think?
Psst, I can't wait to have a whole new hairstyle. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer, summer

 T-Bar Rolling Stones muscle tank, Australia // Denim cut-offs shorts, Supré // Blue flannel, Forever 21 // Red velvet tote bag, online seller // Cross earrings, Thailand

Hey all, it's been weeks since I've done a post. All thanks to the flu bug and cough, I've been not in the proper state of health to go out. But, I'm recovering and I'm back!

Recently, my boyfriend arranged a date for us to go to Gardens by the Bay to see some beautiful flowers from different countries and I absolutely loved it! This is the time where I unleash the girly girl in me who dreams of millions of gorgeous flowers and goes all magical garden and fantasize of fairytale-like stories.... And this is also where I'm going to stop or else I will never come back. 

(Once again, another complaint about SG's weather) Honestly, I do not know what is up with Singapore's dry and humid weather. All our greenery turned brown which makes me think that going to see all these flowers while being in an air-conditioned green house is a terrific idea. Either way, this is why I'm all up for muscle tanks and denim shorts. So I paired my Rolling Stones tee gifted from my boyfriend with some acid washed cut offs and tied a blue flannel around my hips, just so to add a little bit more of an interesting touch. Also, when you're cold in a mall/etc, just wear your flannel and it solves everything! If you're thinking of what to wear underneath a muscle tank to go a tad conservative, wear an all black bandeau. If not, bust out some colorful/neon or even lacy ones to be the eye of attention! :P 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dark Horse

Crochet lace tank top, H&M // Velvet pleated maxi skirt, Malaysia // Tooth earrings, Thailand // Necklaces, Thailand

Hi beautiful people! This is one of my take on an all black outfit. Mixing crochet lace and pleated velvet together does give of an interesting vibe. I paired the see-through tank top with a cropped spaghetti underneath where I exposed a little bit of midriff. Just so to break up all that black. On another note, I'm getting this extreme feeling to chop off half of my hair. Which I haven't done before in the past 18 years of my life. Should I or should I not? Hmm.