Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer, summer

 T-Bar Rolling Stones muscle tank, Australia // Denim cut-offs shorts, Supré // Blue flannel, Forever 21 // Red velvet tote bag, online seller // Cross earrings, Thailand

Hey all, it's been weeks since I've done a post. All thanks to the flu bug and cough, I've been not in the proper state of health to go out. But, I'm recovering and I'm back!

Recently, my boyfriend arranged a date for us to go to Gardens by the Bay to see some beautiful flowers from different countries and I absolutely loved it! This is the time where I unleash the girly girl in me who dreams of millions of gorgeous flowers and goes all magical garden and fantasize of fairytale-like stories.... And this is also where I'm going to stop or else I will never come back. 

(Once again, another complaint about SG's weather) Honestly, I do not know what is up with Singapore's dry and humid weather. All our greenery turned brown which makes me think that going to see all these flowers while being in an air-conditioned green house is a terrific idea. Either way, this is why I'm all up for muscle tanks and denim shorts. So I paired my Rolling Stones tee gifted from my boyfriend with some acid washed cut offs and tied a blue flannel around my hips, just so to add a little bit more of an interesting touch. Also, when you're cold in a mall/etc, just wear your flannel and it solves everything! If you're thinking of what to wear underneath a muscle tank to go a tad conservative, wear an all black bandeau. If not, bust out some colorful/neon or even lacy ones to be the eye of attention! :P 


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