Friday, April 10, 2015


                   pin stripes button down shirt, Bugis Street | denim shorts, random seller online | tartan shoes, Topshop

Can't believe I abandoned this blog. I guess there are always going to be changes in our lives. One day you wake up telling yourself that you are going to start a fashion blog and to religiously blog every week. You wanted this for yourself. And the next, you have barely touched this site for almost a year. It's funny how humans think at times.

I found a small folder containing these pictures. It was titled "To Be Blogged" but it never made it out to the online world. I didn't want these photos to go to waste...hiding out in my folder stashed within other documents so I thought I would just leave them here.

I certainly would not continue this blog unless one day for real, I decide to try my luck again at blogging. One day when I have a clearer vision of what I want, and want to be. Someone with a bigger passion and a resolve stronger than anything else. Till then, farewell.

Belicia S.

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